Guild Board

Comprised of some of Chicago’s most accomplished young professionals in their 30s and 40s, the Guild Board supports our Club through funds raised at its annual Lawn Ball each summer as well as many sponsored fundraising events throughout the year.


Vice Presidents:



President Emeritus:

Chris Kirtley

Anna Wells Gjerlow, Steve Moffat, Corinne Cricks Offutt

Matthew D. Anderson

Edward T. Thillman

Molly Carroll*

Current Board Members:
Katie Anetsberger
Jancy Audet
Dan Barlow
Heather Barnes
Chris Brannan
Aryn Brechwald
Stacey Cavanagh
John Cialone
Erick Coan
Maggie Coleman
Katie Comstock
Brett Conway
Katie Davies
Adrienne Eynon
Lindsay Everest
Briana Fosnaugh
Molly Foster
Tim Foufas
Dana Gordon
Molly Gullman
Katie Heaton
Lindsay Herman
Tara Hovey
Merrill Hoyer
Monique Hypes​

Kristin Isleib
Molly Lowe
Laura Malec
Tally Melone
Ryan Moseley
Lindsay Mullen
Erik Nordby
Leslie Pappas
Miriam Petrillo
Jennifer Price
Tanner Rice
Tom Rowland
Meg Sauer
Brandon Schlesinger
Melissa Seiler
Greg Sleight
Kimberly Smith
Kelly Spowage
John Stoops
R. Baker Thompson
James Vender
Dave Weber
Kristine Weck
Emily Wildes
Claire York

*Past President