In celebration of Earth Day, Club members at the Linda and Bill Gantz Club, Logan Square at Funston Club and Pedersen-McCormick Club, were supplied with Solar System STEM kits to learn more about our planets while they created their own solar system diorama.

In place of volunteering at the Club, longtime partner Discover donated 50 STEM kits for Club members to use at the Club or at home. These kits helped teach kids more about the planets in our solar system, as well as Earth. The kits included balls to represent the planets as well as paint, planet stickers, wooden sticks, and a base foundation that would hold the creation in place. 

This wasn’t the first time Discover has donated fun kits during the pandemic, they have created two others in the last year, including one for Valentine’s Day. 

For the Earth Day project, the Gantz Club staff showed the kids each planet of the solar system, what it looked like, and its place within the galaxy. Marco DeLaRosathe Club Director at the Gantz Club, said the Discover kits have always been a great project for the kids to work on. DeLaRosa said some members even mixed colors to create their own so it perfectly matched the blue of Earth.  

“They really wanted their models to be perfect,” he said. 

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