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So much more than an after-school program | published: May 14, 2020

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for our Club members and their families, BGCC remains steadfast in our efforts to stay connected and serve as a resource during these trying times. BGCC developed innovative programming and built new partnerships to direct resources to our neediest families. This has included regular phone check-ins with families to address concerns and provide assurance amidst the new and compounded challenges they’re facing.

Personalized attention makes a difference. During a routine wellness call, CC’s Little Village Boys & Girls Club staff member Luis Jimon learned that a Club family was struggling to make ends meet and desperately needed diapers. Jimon quickly reached out to fellow staff member, Guadalupe Delgado, and the two put together a plan to get the much-needed supplies to the Club family. “They are a family of 9 who’ve been struggling since their father could not work,” explains Delgado. “They desperately needed diapers for their 9-month-old and 18-month-old babies." When Jimon asked if there was anything else they needed, the mother asked if we also had any secondhand clothing for her 18-month-old baby.

Delgado and Jimon immediately devised a plan and divided up a list of local stores. At times, they each had to wait in line up to 45 minutes while following mandated safety guidelines so they could purchase essentials for the family in crisis.

When Jimon arrived with the supplies, the family could not have been more thankful. They texted photos and messages of gratitude. Delgado said, “I was grateful that I was able to help our Club family. If I am able to help any of our Club members, I will do whatever I can to help.”

Every day our services and programs continue to make a difference in the lives of Chicago’s neediest families. Thanks to you, BGCC can continue to serve our Club members, overcoming unprecedented challenges together. Because of you, our Clubs, even while closed, continue to be life-changing, life-saving, and life-long. Thank you for giving our children A Club for Life at home!

The Emergency Fund has launched | published: May 14, 2020

In March, when the coronavirus forced our Clubs to close and the fundraising events we rely on to be postponed indefinitely, the future looked uncertain. One committed donor reached out with a plan, to launch an Emergency Fund, to ensure Clubs continue to serve our kids when they need us most. To establish this fund and inspire others to support it, this donor generously offered to match every gift made up to $250,000 to help BGCC during this time of need.

Countless supporters responded to the call for support. Thanks to you, BGCC was able to launch its Emergency Fund, and the fund is already providing critical relief to our members. Just last week, over 4,400 meals and snacks were distributed by our Clubs to hungry families.

Your support is making it possible for another 500 A Club for Home kits to be dropped at our children’s doorsteps. These kits will be filled with educational essentials like school supplies, hygiene products, snacks and educational materials. They’ll even include select games and crafts to make sure our Club members are finding time to have fun. We will continue to distribute kits to members in the weeks ahead.

Since launching our Virtual Club, over 1,200 youth have enrolled and are engaged in our activities. Your support makes it possible for us to expand our curriculum and offer mentorship in new and innovative ways.

None of this work is possible without you. Thank you to everyone who generously supported our Emergency Fund and for giving our boys and girls hope during these challenging times.

Ann Milligan Gray Scholarship and Woman’s Board Scholarship recipients | published: May 14, 2020

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (BGCC) is proud to announce the recipients of our 2020 Ann Milligan Gray Scholarship and BGCC Woman’s Board Scholarships!

For decades, the Woman’s Board has been dedicated to seeing Chicago’s teens advance through college with scholarship support from their BGCC family.  To date, these two scholarship programs have awarded over 100 scholarships, totaling more than $4.5 million in funding for deserving youth to pursue higher education.

After a rigorous interview process – conducted virtually this year – seven outstanding Club members were awarded this year’s scholarships. Allegra H., who has been named the prestigious 2020 Ann Milligan Gray Scholar, said, “Winning this scholarship made my family and Club staff proud. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to honor the legacy of Ann Milligan Gray, and to show what’s possible through Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago.”

The six 2020 Woman’s Board Scholarship awardees are Adrianne H., Ania S., Carla K., Evelyn H., Harriet C., and Jose C. These scholars epitomize what it means to be a dedicated Club member, working tirelessly at school and at their Clubs to make their dreams of attending college a reality. Along with each of these scholars, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our outstanding Woman’s Board who help make these great futures possible.

“When I received the Woman’s Board scholarship, I was speechless and so excited that I was chosen, but all I could think about were the Club staff and members who have helped me these past 11 years to become who I am today.” Jose C., Boys & Girls Club member

Thanks to support from friends like you, hundreds of our teens are on the road to success after high school. Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship winners, and to each of our graduating seniors on all of their accomplishments.

A Club for Home | published: April 24, 2020

For young people around the city, the move to at-home learning has presented new challenges. Our Club members, living in some of the most economically challenged communities in Chicago, don’t have even the most basic school supplies at home to work on activities and assignments.

Thanks to your support, though, BGCC staff were able to respond quickly by assembling and delivering over 500 A Club for Home kits. These kits were filled with essentials from crayons and construction paper to healthy snacks and cloth face masks. They even included some games to make sure our Club members were finding time to have a little fun.

"It was important that we connected with our members in a meaningful way during these uncertain times. We wanted our actions to have real impact and to let our Club families know that their Clubs are with them," said Katie Rutkowski, BGCC Director of Executive Operations.

BGCC supporters Power Crunch and GLAM 4 GOOD contributed goods included in the first wave of kits, and BGCC plans to deliver 1,000 more with additional health and hygiene items thanks to recent donations from Ulta Beauty, GoGo squeeze, Pepsi and US Cellular.

"Think about when you were a kid, how fun it was to receive a package. Our hope is that we can provide essentials, but also that feeling of excitement and hope that so many of our members truly need during these difficult times," said Jason Vasquez, BGCC Manager of Corporate and Volunteer Relations

Club members definitely were excited to find their very own kit on their doorstep.

"We don't have many art supplies or books at my house, so the Club for Home kit is going to be so much fun!" - Sean, age 9, BGCC member.

BGCC's Virtual Club | published: April 24, 2020

With Club members throughout the city sheltering in place, BGCC launched a Virtual Club to bring the Club experience they’ve come to love and rely on into their homes. Online programming is connecting youth to the mentorship and engaging activities that remain the hallmark of Clubs and their out-of-school programming.  

Recently, BGCC’s Virtual Club celebrated our city’s dedicated first responders. Daily activities taught our Club members about the impact these individuals make in our community, while also offering youth the opportunity to show gratitude for their sacrifice. The programming, designed to be universal and age-specific, served as the perfect springboard for young minds to explore career options, and just what it means to be called a “first responder.”

“Our goal is to create meaningful programming that truly engages our members. We asked our Club members to think about their own life and remember a time when they had to help someone,” explains Vicki Lee, BGCC’s Chief Academic Officer. “This was why we featured first responders. They are a universal theme because every single person can connect to how an experience with a first responder, on various levels, has affected either their own life or someone they know.”

Our online programming efforts continue to connect us with our Club members and keep the spirit of our Clubs alive! Our BGCC staff is working hard to ensure our Virtual Club helps our Club members grow and learn, but also provides them with some much-needed FUN!

Thank you to all of the incredible first responders and essential workers for all they continue to do!

HBCU "Virtual" College Tour | published: April 24, 2020

School looks very different these days, so BGCC is working with teens to keep their focus their future educational goals. In 2019, Will Edmondson, the James R. Jordan Club Program Director, led a group of 10 BGCC high school seniors on an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) tour. They toured Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD and Howard University in Washington DC. It was an eye-opening experience for the teens, and for many it was their first time visiting any college or university. 

Our Club teens came prepared with questions for the admissions staff and tour guides. The young people were actively engaged in the tours and gathered a lot of pertinent information. As a result of the tour, one of our members applied to, and was accepted at Morgan State University. 

Seeing what a powerful impact this tour had on our youth, Edmondson went to work raising the necessary funds to return in 2020. He was successfully meeting his fundraising goals and had a committed group of Club teens eager to participate. Once it became apparent the kids wouldn’t be able to go on the original trip as planned due to COVID-19, HBCU quickly adapted the tours, which took place virtually this past weekend. 15 of our Club teens participated in the online event, showcasing 18 HBCU schools. The virtual tour informed attendees on each school's campus, academic opportunities, and admission process. It also allowed for a Q&A with each college/university represented. 

"One way to increase the number of students from disadvantaged neighborhoods to enroll in postsecondary education is to expose them to college life. The HBCU virtual tour is equipping our members with the tools they need to understand the college enrollment process." -Will Edmondson, Jordan Club Program Director