With Club members throughout the city sheltering in place, BGCC launched a Virtual Club to bring the Club experience they’ve come to love and rely on into their homes. Online programming is connecting youth to the mentorship and engaging activities that remain the hallmark of Clubs and their out-of-school programming.  

Recently, BGCC’s Virtual Club celebrated our city’s dedicated first responders. Daily activities taught our Club members about the impact these individuals make in our community, while also offering youth the opportunity to show gratitude for their sacrifice. The programming, designed to be universal and age-specific, served as the perfect springboard for young minds to explore career options, and just what it means to be called a “first responder.”

“Our goal is to create meaningful programming that truly engages our members. We asked our Club members to think about their own life and remember a time when they had to help someone,” explains Vicki Lee, BGCC’s Chief Academic Officer. “This was why we featured first responders. They are a universal theme because every single person can connect to how an experience with a first responder, on various levels, has affected either their own life or someone they know.”

Our online programming efforts continue to connect us with our Club members and keep the spirit of our Clubs alive! Our BGCC staff is working hard to ensure our Virtual Club helps our Club members grow and learn, but also provides them with some much-needed FUN!

Thank you to all of the incredible first responders and essential workers for all they continue to do!