Young Professionals Board

The Young Professionals Board (YPB) seeks to broaden the reach of Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago’s volunteer leadership network by engaging talented young professionals and promoting the growth and development of Chicagoland’s future philanthropic leaders.

How to Join

  • To become a member of the YPB, please fill out an online application and see the information regarding membership expectations.

Membership Expectations

  • Attend and actively participate in quarterly board meetings
  • Attend at least three Board or BGCC events each year (Youth of the Year, YPB events, volunteer opportunities, etc.)
  • Actively serve on a YPB Committee

Financial Commitment

  • Pay annual dues ($250) before September 30, 2019.
  • Purchase at least one (1) ticket to the YPB Annual Fundraising Event
  • Secure auction items, sponsorships, or ticket sales for the YPB Annual Fundraising Event

Board Chair:

Membership Chair:

Volunteer Chair:

Alli Otto

Iboro Ikene

Carson Muir

Current Board Members:
Laura Aguilar
Alana Ballantyne
Jason Bradford
Joseph Brooks
Mackenzie Crawford
Daniel Crowley
Julia Derish
Bryan Dimayuga
Amanda Gallagher
Meghan Gallagher
Alfredo Gonzalez
Spencer Hadelman
Caitlin Hanley
Allison Harris

Michael Harrell
Logan Margulis
Kouri C. Marshall
Kevin O'Neill
Imani Pitman
Sean William Roberts
Jaclyn Sattler
Rashi Sharan
Sarah Siderius
Royce Strahan
Steven Walker
Cody Weaver