So much more than an after-school program | Published: May 14, 2020

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for our Club members and their families, BGCC remains steadfast in our efforts to stay connected and serve as a resource during these trying times. BGCC developed innovative programming and built new partnerships to direct resources to our neediest families. This has included regular phone check-ins with families to address concerns and provide assurance amidst the new and compounded challenges they’re facing.

Personalized attention makes a difference. During a routine wellness call, CC’s Little Village Boys & Girls Club staff member Luis Jimon learned that a Club family was struggling to make ends meet and desperately needed diapers. Jimon quickly reached out to fellow staff member, Guadalupe Delgado, and the two put together a plan to get the much-needed supplies to the Club family. “They are a family of 9 who’ve been struggling since their father could not work,” explains Delgado. “They desperately needed diapers for their 9-month-old and 18-month-old babies." When Jimon asked if there was anything else they needed, the mother asked if we also had any secondhand clothing for her 18-month-old baby.

Delgado and Jimon immediately devised a plan and divided up a list of local stores. At times, they each had to wait in line up to 45 minutes while following mandated safety guidelines so they could purchase essentials for the family in crisis.

When Jimon arrived with the supplies, the family could not have been more thankful. They texted photos and messages of gratitude. Delgado said, “I was grateful that I was able to help our Club family. If I am able to help any of our Club members, I will do whatever I can to help.”

Every day our services and programs continue to make a difference in the lives of Chicago’s neediest families. Thanks to you, BGCC can continue to serve our Club members, overcoming unprecedented challenges together. Because of you, our Clubs, even while closed, continue to be life-changing, life-saving, and life-long. Thank you for giving our children A Club for Life at home!