Our Mission

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago's mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Since 1902, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago have provided the city's children with a safe, positive and supportive place where they can take advantage of after-school programs, activities and services designed to prepare them for the future and achieve their fullest potential. Children ages 6-18 are welcome to join one of the many Clubs in Chicago, where they can play sports, receive tutoring, or simply find companionship. Our staff members not only work to keep order at the Clubs, but also mentor the kids, often serving as role models. In a city of over 3 million people, each community has its distinct strengths and problems; youths from diverse backgrounds gather in the common space of the Clubs.

During after-school hours when many parents or guardians are still at work, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago provide an alternative for kids to waiting around unsafe neighborhoods and making dangerous choices; they structure the time into constructive and fun activities. The Clubs function as communities unto themselves with spaces devoted to the youths who visit daily. They aim to teach and guide their members and to prepare them for the burdens and freedom of adulthood, to make responsible decisions and achieve success.

For over a century, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago have always kept one fundamental question in mind: How can we provide for the needs of Chicago's youth in such a way as to improve their lives and prepare them for adulthood? The circumstances of city life and populations have evolved over time, but regardless of Chicago's social, cultural and economic landscape, the question of service has remained from generation to generation. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago have faced the unmet needs of the city's youths and worked to provide them with the emotional, educational, physical, and cultural resources that will enable them to enjoy their childhood and eventually thrive in adulthood.