The group of 20 girls in CC’s Little Village Club gym were there because of two people: Club members, Britany and Ashley.

The two girls applied to the Chicago Sky and Nike program called Game Growers, an empowerment program for girls 13 years or older in seventh or eighth grade to share their ideas on how to encourage more girls to play sports.

The Chicago Sky selected Britany and Ashley to host a basketball and volleyball clinic at the CC’s Little Village Club gym, where members went through skills drills in both sports.

“The reason why we decided to create this program was because we feel … sometimes we’re put down (more) than boys are,” Ashley said. “We feel like boys get more support than we do. And we want to make sure that girls actually feel the same way.”

They were joined by Chicago Sky player and WNBA champion Dana Evans, as well as the Chicago Sky mascot, Sky Guy.

“I love seeing younger girls inspire even younger girls and breeding confidence into them early,” Evans said. “I think that’s important, especially with women in sports, just building their confidence up and letting them know they can do whatever they want.” 

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