Club for Home Kits Delivered to More Members' Doorsteps

After delivering 500 A Club for Home kits to doorsteps in April, Club staff matched their efforts and more with a second and third round in May and June. Thanks to your generous support, these most recent rounds built on the foundations of the first, which focused on essentials (think cloth masks, healthy snacks) for younger Club members. What remained the same—and what was perhaps the most important piece of the kit—a personal delivery by Club staff.

That “special delivery” is the little slice of happiness everyone craves, especially youth who’ve been so removed from the people, places, and things they knew best. These doorstep drop-offs delivered that connection BGCC Clubs are expert at nurturing with youth across Chicago.

The third round of kits were just recently delivered to high school members (ages 14–18) over the weekend of June 19. And as the city as a whole prepares to celebrate summer in Chicago, so do the contents of these kits. Teens will be able to track their thoughts in a journal with daily topics, explore their creative side with canvas and paints, and make a groovy fashion statement with a tie-dye T-shirt set. Included with these enrichment activities are basic essentials too many Club teens too often go without, like healthy snacks and personal hygiene products.

This latest round follows closely behind the second wave of kits, which were targeted to middle school-aged Club members (ages 11-14).

"Above all, we want these kits to be fun, and a feel a sense of achievement,” said Vicki Lee, BGCC’s Chief Academic Officer. "We want our Club members to enjoy these kits and feel good about completing the included crafts and activities."

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