Thanksgiving celebrations focus on turkey, stuffing and all of the trimmings, but at BGCC, we know a meal isn’t only about food. It’s about bringing families and communities together.

These baskets are filled with staple ingredients and gift cards to ensure families have what they need this Thanksgiving. 

BGCC has continually focused on how to provide food alternatives for families. BGCC has partnered with many organizations that help provide food and groceries at no cost to our families. 

The food programs impact households that support not only kids but also grandparents, and many more. 

“I have spoken with many families, and everyone is extremely happy, and very grateful to the resources provided to them,” Logan Square at Funston Club Manager Jennifer Barrera said. “I had one parent tell me that the money she would normally spend on groceries was able to be used for something else, whether it be bills or clothes and shoes for the kids. It’s been a huge weight off their shoulders.” 

Barrera said many parents and guardians have to settle, purchasing cheaper, less healthy food options due to their limited budgets. But with these programs and meal kits, kids are eating more fruits and vegetables. Not to mention, they are actually excited to help unload the groceries when the deliveries arrive. 

Partners like Real Food Stuff, Pilsen Food Pantry, Prosper Chicago and Instacart have made sure BGCC’s kids are getting the nutritious meals that set them up for success.

The impact of the delivery aspect in some programs cannot be understated. Several of the families do not have a car, and if they do, it is being used so one parent can get to work. Many grocery stores are not accessible where the families live. With groceries or food deliveries, families can focus on other needs. 

“This helps the kids not worry about where their next meal will come from, it makes them feel more secure,” Barrera said. 

Your Gift Will Make a Positive Impact, Now More Than Ever