Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (BGCC) members enjoy the chance to celebrate Halloween together. And this year was even extra special for our teens. 


Last weekend, BGCC hosted its second teen night, where teens visit a Club after hours for a safe evening. Club members were transported from their home Clubs from different parts of the city to the host Club, in this case, the Bartlett J. McCartin Club in Bridgeport, for teens to hang out. 


This Halloween-themed teen night included going through the McCartin Haunted House, Halloween face painting, T-shirt design, and much more. 


BGCC has made it a priority to offer more opportunities for teens to gather at our Clubs to offer safe programs, as well as recruit new teens to become Club members. It’s also a great opportunity for teens to meet others from across the city.  


“It’s incredibly important to us to prioritize our teen population and provide them with experiences they have asked for,” BGCC Chief Program Officer Marco De La Rosa said. “These teen nights are crucial to that success, and we are excited to hear the feedback from our teens. We look forward to continuing to provide these unique opportunities to our young people.” 


The teen night was not the only Halloween festivity this past month. There were several haunted houses at multiple Clubs, as well as trick or treating, pumpkin painting and cooking classes at our Clubs throughout October.

View more photos of our Halloween festivities below!

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