The questions would not stop coming. “Do you like unicorns?” “Do you like basketball?” “Panda, what's your name?”

The James R. Jordan Club kids were ecstatic when they walked toward the parking lot at their Club only to see the Panda Express panda bear mascot waiting for them, ready to celebrate Panda Cares Day.

“This is the best day of my life,” one Club member shouted as he ran toward the mascot.

The panda was the event's highlight, taking numerous selfies and photos with Club members, including a photo booth area with props, a Polaroid camera and groups of kids eager to snap a photo.

Our members were also treated with orange chicken for lunch, a gourmet fortune cookie (or three), outside recreational games, and swag to take home.

In honor of their yearly Panda Cares Day event, the Panda Express team has been traveling coast to coast in their gourmet fortune cookie food truck, including a stop at the Jordan Club.

BGCC members found out that a gourmet fortune cookie is a fortune cookie dipped in chocolate, white chocolate or marshmallow, or maybe the flavor of “delicious,” as one Club member described it.

The kids enjoyed themselves throughout the day, eating outside with their friends, enjoying the food and a chance to play some games. One Club member, Ashley, loved the food so much, she said, “It's better than my mom's cooking” (but don't tell her mom that). Another wanted to learn how to make it, saying, “This rice is so good, I want panda to teach me how to make it.”

But wait, did the kids ever get the answers to their questions? They got at least one, the Panda's name is Pei Pei.

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