Students Find Tech & Tutor Support at Clubs’ Remote Learning Centers

School has always been about students learning from classroom materials. But this year, as Chicago Public Schools move all instruction to a remote-learning format, students must now also master a host of new digital skills unique to e-learning—challenges no other generation of students have faced before them.

To help Club members solve these problems and succeed in a first-of-its-kind school year, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago have transformed into Remote Learning Centers during the school day to support Club members and their families who need help navigating a whole new way to learn. Clubs are mirroring the daily schedules of local schools, with some sites welcoming members as early as 7:45 a.m. to prepare for classes. At Club sites, members can find devices, connectivity, and staff ready to help them join Google Meet for a math class, outline an essay in response to a TED Talks video, or email a teacher with a question about homework.

Members who aren’t able to visit a Remote Learning Center in person can still join Virtual Club, an online equivalent of the positive youth development of in-person programming. Clubs are also keeping those members connected with A Club for Home kits, packed with STEM kits, art supplies, age-appropriate books, and more.

When online classes dismiss for the day, Clubs transition back to traditional after-school programming that nurtures academic success, character and leadership, and healthy lifestyles—and, perhaps more than anything, provides a much-welcomed break from the day Club members have spent online.

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