Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago celebrated another year of outstanding high school graduates, with more than 35 participants in this year’s Signing Week.

Signing Week is an opportunity for the BGCC community to congratulate the hardworking seniors at our Clubs. 

This year’s seniors will be attending colleges all over the country, such as Alabama State University, Bellevue University, Illinois State University, Morgan State University, Northern Illinois University, Purdue University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Louisville, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – and so many more!

They plan to study subjects like forensics psychology, geology, and musical engineering. They hope to become art teachers, nurses, and entrepreneurs. And some are headed to serve our country, like David, who will join the Navy. 

Some of our seniors have received full-ride academic scholarships and some plan to play sports while studying at their respective universities. 

No matter their interests or majors, they all expressed excitement for their next adventure, with a tinge of sadness about not coming to the Club every day. 

"[I’ll miss] the programs they offer because the programs they offer really build you up and help you find the career path you want to take in life,” Pedersen-McCormick Club member Darin said. 

But no matter how far they go, they will always be a Club member for life. 

“The thing I’ll miss about the Jordan Club is the people who come to the Club,” Club member Jermaine said. “Because it’s not the building itself, it’s the people that unite together.” 

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