When asked what her favorite thing about Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago Summer Camp was, Club member Jasmine had an answer at the ready, “Going on field trips with my friends!”

Her favorite field trip was also an easy answer: “Seeing dinosaur bones at the Field Museum!” When recounting her adventures at the museum, her friends slowly joined in, all talking excitedly about the exhibits they saw and the huge staircase they got to climb.

“It was so much fun,” Jasmine said.

For many of our Club members, Summer Camp is the ultimate opportunity to just be a kid. In addition to museums, they explore our great city visiting zoos, beaches, arcades, bowling alleys, parks, and so much more.

And those are just the field trips!

At their Club, they have endless activities to participate in with their friends to learn new skills and pursue new interests. 

Club members attend dance classes, fashion workshops, ceramics lessons, and book clubs. They play games and sports with their friends, such as soccer, basketball, and floor hockey. They participate in special activities, like canoeing. They go to 
professional sporting events, and even tour professional culinary kitchens. 

Our kids have endless opportunities, and no one is ever left behind. Because of our supporters like you, if a family cannot afford the $250 fee for the 8-week Summer Camp, they are not turned away.  

Club members create bonds with life-long friends, receive a healthy lunch every day, and have a safe space to go to during the summer months. 

As Jasmine said, summer is the best time of year. View more photos below of all our Club members' activities this summer. 

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