No matter how up-to-date technology programming is to the educational needs of students, it can't work without the right equipment. Technology is ever-evolving, and our kids need the right tools to succeed.

Thanks to BGCC's partnership with Comcast, many Clubs are no longer using refurbished technology, but new, advanced equipment that will expand programs and prepare Chicago's youth for the future.

"Technology can open a lot of doors. I think it's the new thread of opportunities for jobs and our kids' future," Linda and Bill Gantz Club Director Hilda Arias-Crispin said. "There's so much they can do with this access to technology."

Since the Gantz Club opened four years ago they have used refurbished technology from a previous Club. By year's end, they will have brand-new technology, including new Dell Windows Pro desktops, a SMART board, Smart TVs, Canon digital cameras, and much more.

"Our old technology is still working, but you know how technology moves super fast," Arias-Crispin said. "The kids have asked when we can get new technology. They are eager to learn new things, especially after taking field trips and being exposed to different industries of technology."

Just this summer, students at the Gantz Club have taken it upon themselves to learn how to do things like coding robotics or how to 3-D print, but they can be restricted by what they want to do with the technology available to them. With this donation, the possibilities are endless.

"We are so excited to have new equipment and grateful to partners who help make these unlimited futures possible for our kids," Arias-Crispin said. "I know when all the technology is set up, besides the gym, it will be another area, from kids to teens, that will keep our kids coming back to the Club."

During the course of the last four years, Comcast has been a committed partner helping update equipment across all BGCC's Clubs. Thank you, Comcast!

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