Keeping Connected & Creating Bright Futures in Our Virtual Clubs

To continue to support our Club members and families while our sites are closed, we are excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Club platform!

What is required for Virtual Club?

STEP 1: All that is needed to get started is access to a computer, iPad or Chromebook and an internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection in your home, Comcast is offering free internet service in response to COVID-19. To apply for 25 Mbps speed please visit or call 1-855-846-8376. The program’s website says to apply by April 30th.

STEP 2: Parents/guardians, to have your members participate, please visit and follow/subscribe to your Club member’s Facebook school site to stay up to date on news, activities, and more. Below is the contact information for each Club site. If you have questions about the activities, programs, or need help with MyFuture, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Club site directors.

Programs and Software used in Virtual Club

ZOOM MEETING - Our remote video chat service that allows online meetings and classes with Site Directors and children enrolled in Virtual Club. Site Directors and Staff will be communicating with children using this platform. Zoom will be used for the Live Virtual Club Experience. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download the Zoom Meeting App (Android and iOS are supported) and enter the Club Site Meeting ID below. If you are using a computer or Chromebook, please click HERE, followed by entering the Club site Meeting ID.

YOUTUBE - Club Sites will have previously recorded Zoom Meetings and other videos posted to help members with activities. YouTube accounts are not necessary to access these videos.

MYFUTURE PROGRAM - is a digital tool to learn, play, and socialize, as part of the digital Club experience. Here, members like you can share media projects, participate in contests to win awesome prizes, and earn badges to show you’ve accomplished. To get started in creating a MyFuture account click HERE, or click your Club Site’s YouTube link below to get started.

FACEBOOK PAGES - Club Sites will be updated regularly to reflect upcoming Live Virtual Club Experience times using Zoom Meeting, schedules, and any other information to help each child participate in this program. Parents may need to log in under their Facebook accounts if the child does not have their own Facebook. Please submit the permission form below to join our Club Facebook pages and share your work!

Virtual Club Schedule 

In an effort to continuously serve members during the Club closure, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago will use software, tools, and applications provided by third-parties that members, parents/guardians and/or staff will access via the internet and use for purposes of communication and programing. Submit your work here: or Club Facebook pages! 

Monday's K-5 Word Art: 

Wednesday's K-5 Origami Heart: 

Friday's K-5 Nature Art: 

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Coping with Coronavirus

Talking to youth about Coronavirus | Hablarle a sus hijos sobre el COVID-19 – This guide helps parents and guardians navigate the difficult topic of discussing COVID-19 with children.

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Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

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Anxiety and Coping With the Coronavirus

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BGCC's Virtual Club Permission Form

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